How To Add or Change Favicon Icon In Blogspot Blog

When we open a website or blog, in the link bar of the browser, there is a site icon show at the top in the left side, which is called the website favicon Icon. Blogger icon is the identity of blog. So that any user can easily recognize your blog And There is no problem going to your blog when multiple tabs are open in the browser.

In this post I am telling you step by step about setting an icon in the blogger blog. You can easily add favicon icon to your blogspot blog by following these Simple steps.

how to add favicon in blogger blog

To make A professional Blog, it is very important to have an icon on your site. Without favicon your site will look useless.

By setting icon on the site, both your readers and search engines will like your site. The best thing is that the reader will not have trouble finding your site when lots of tabs are open in the browser.

What is Blog favicon and why are these necessary ?

Site icon is the identity of a website. And like the logo is important for the site. When we open a site in the browser, the site icon is also displayed along with the site name in the top of the browser. This is called the favicon of the site itself.

To make a different identity of the website, it is important to have the most different favicon Icon on the site, so that any new user can easily identify your site and remember your site identity. So let us know how to add favicon to the blogger blog ?

How to Add Favicon Icon in Blogger Blog ?

Step-1: Create Your Own Favicon

First, go to site and create a nice icon for your site. You can also create icons from any other site or photo editor software like Photoshop. But the size of the site icon should be 16 × 16, 32 × 32 or 150 × 150.

If there is a larger size, the icon will not show and if it does, it will not look right. Also, if the size of favicon Icon is high, it will also make a difference to your site’s loading speed.

  • First of all, go to site and log in and then open your blog’s dashboard.
  • Now click on the Layout option in the drop down menu.
  • Click on Edit Option in front of The Favicon.

how to add favicon icon in blogger

Step-2: Upload Your Favicon

Now a window like this will open in front of you. Here you can set favicon on your blogger blog by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Choose the favicon you created from the select file on your computer. Icon size should be less than 100kb.
  • After selecting the photo, click on the Save option, you will now be able to get back to the layout of your blog.
  • Click on Save Arrangement.

how to add favicon icon in blogger

In this way you can easily add an icon to your blogger blog and make your blog look better than ever. Now whenever a user wants to read your post again, it will be able to easily identify your site and open your site again by viewing the icon of your site in the history of your browser.

If you are still not showing favicon Icon on your blog then repeat this process again and delete the browser’s history, cookies and cache file and start the blog open With icon.
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