10 Ways to Avoid Online Scams in the Festive Season

You will have heard about online scams, it is also called internet fraud, which means promoting the business of fraud by selling fake products. Online scam problems are high during the festival season, so here I am telling 10 ways to avoid online scams in the festival season.

10 Ways to Avoid Online Scams in the Festive Season

In the festival season and festive time, all companies offers that make purchasing of more and more products online. If you also shop online, you should know about some safety tips before online shopping.

Nothing is safe on the internet when with whom it is no one knows what is going to happen. By taking care of these important things you can avoid online scams and online fraud at the festival time, festival season.

How to Avoid Online Scams in the Festive Season

Here we will learn about some of the ways to avoid online scams during the festival season and festive season so that we can avoid online scams and save you from being lost.

Tips 1. Never click on ads and pop-ups, even if they look real.

Tips 2. Also beware of such posts on social sites who donate for charitable purposes.

Tips 3. Do not share the information you need on email or phone, no matter how important it is. Do not go to the purchase site by clicking on the link provided in the email received.

Tips 4. Read reviews about that product before purchasing goods and products from any website.

Tips 5. Avoid clicking on a link to such posts on social media that promise a lot of exclusion or withdrawal.

Tips 6. Do not pay attention to the goods offered by those who are doing too much promotion, offering fake products to the people is among the oldest online scams and cyber crimes. These people give big propaganda and cheat by giving fake products to the consumers.

Tips 7. Do not respond to unwanted and unexpected promotional emails, but the sender may not be so familiar to you.

Tips 8. If you are buying from a website that you know very little about, always choose cash delivery mode.

Tip 9. Do not shop online anytime when you are connected to a public free and unsafe Wi-Fi network connection.

Tips 10. Always shop online from the well-known website Also, when making online payments, check that the URL of the payment page of the site starts with "https and it will be showing a symbol of lock in the left side.


Whenever you get an offer, find out if it is real or fake, use a great antivirus and software for internet security, it blocks automatic phishing, malicious emails and infected sites.

Avoid websites you need to steal your information and bank information and buy online from the real website.

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