6 Tips for Detecting Viruses in Android Mobile

Android device is the most widely used operating system in the world. In Android phones, we can download the app but do you know that downloading can cause a virus attack on your device which can damage your data if you download So your phone can have a virus.

Virus has a bad effect on our phones. If you want to keep your phone safe from it, then you have to be careful. Here are some reasons and distractions that you can know from whether your phone is infected with virus or not.

6 Tips for Detecting Viruses in Android Mobile

If your phone has a virus, then your phone will start showing some disturbances about the disturbances I'm telling you about here if your phone has these problems then your phone may have a virus.

If your phone also comes to the virus, you will need to reset your phone factory to delete the virus from the phone, which also deletes your phone's data.

How To Detect Viruses On Your Android Phone

If you see the faults mentioned here in your phone, then understand that your phone has a virus, come know about them.

1. Downloading Automatic App

If your mobile is downloading an automatic app without your consent, then your phone may have a virus.

The app uses all and downloads the app of your choice, but some apps are also made which are automatically downloaded in the phone, it is also called automatic app downloading.

Such applications contain a virus that comes in our phone with those who harm our phones so that you have to stop the automatic app downloading in the phone.

2. Automated pop-up in mobile

If you are clicking on notifications such as pop-up, notification and phone without need reminder and system alert, then your phone can be wired.

Clicking on such information causes more viruses in the phone if you want to protect your phone from viruses, do not click on such reminders and system warnings.

3. Phone is too much battery spending

The virus has a bad effect on your phone's battery so that battery life can end and your phone may be charging more battery.

When the virus comes in mobile when you install a fake app in your phone, whenever you want to install an app in your phone, first check that it is not a bug.

4. Mobile data is spending more

If your phone data is already spent more then the virus is attacked on your phone as if you have packed it, it will end before its limit.

5. Document and audio, video files being automatic deleted

If your phone has a virus, then the audio, video files and documents in your phone will be automatically deleted, and if there is a video then it will not be started.

If such a mess is happening in your phone then your phone may have a virus, and if your phone is slow, then your phone has a sign of virus.

Along with the virus, your phone is having trouble getting hot and the problems of battery backup are increasing rapidly, all this is due to the virus.

6. Extra charge of SMS is being taken on mobile bill

Taking the extra charge of SMS means that a hacker is sending an SMS from your mobile to the premium rate number. This is a special number and sending a message to this number takes double charge.

Not only this, if your phone has been infected with viruses, then there is a problem of frequent closing and hanging on your phone, as well as calls and messages from your phone to any number.

All these difficulties will seem ordinary to you but this can take a very harmful form because these problems can be caused by virus attacks, it is very dangerous and harmful for every device.

If your phone comes with a virus then all your data may be hacked, it can end your phone within a few minutes, often the people of unknown people are vulnerable to the virus.


If you see problems mentioned here in your phone then your mobile has a virus if you want to protect your phone from being wasted, then delete the virus as soon as possible.

In this way you can locate the virus in your android mobile and delete the virus from the phone without losing its data and can keep your phone safe.

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