Top 13 Ways to Increase Android Phone's Battery Life

Android is by far the most popular smartphone OS, and if you are reading this, I believe that you are a proud owner of the Android smartphone too. In almost every sense, Android is a complete smartphone OS, because it is free quality apps on Google play or user interface is friendly or there are many functionalities provided to the user.

Top 13 Ways to Increase Android Phone's Battery Life

The only thing that can annoy any Android user is phone's battery life. This is a matric that Android is a bit shy in front of other mobile operating systems. Still there are some such beast phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note Series and Huawei Ascend Mate whose battery can last for up to 2 days, but if it is common, Android phone's battery life is a knee pain. So to solve this common issue, we have some suggestions so you can make sure that your phone's battery runs longer.

How to save the battery power of Android Phone?

When our phone is fully charged, we do not pay much attention to the use of battery power. We use 3G, Wi-Fi etc., play games, generally by using the phone with its maximum capacity. But when the battery decreases by 20%, we turn off the more consuming apps and services, and this is the time when we feel to charge our phone immediately. Keeping an extra battery pack with you is a great idea, which will ensure that your battery never ends. To avoid having too much battery power, these tips are given below, which you should follow.

1. Drain the Display Battery

The big screen in the phone is now a cult in the market, but this big display comes at the cost of drained battery power. But this does not mean that you never use your phone and try to save the last unit of the volt. Well, what can you do to control the brightness of the screen, when you do not want a crisp, eye blinding bright display, as if you are using phone in a dark room, reduce the brightness to that extent On which you will be comfortable to see the screen clearly. When you are not using the phone, use lock, which will turn off the display switch. By using the display options smartly, you can save a large part of the battery power.

2. Use Wireless Communications wisely

As mentioned in the title, you have to keep in mind that when you do not want mobile data, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC etc. please turn it off. All of these wireless communications consume a lot of battery and should be turned off when it is not needed.

3. Do not say auto sync.

Most of your apps in the settings by default are set to automatically sync with their server after the interval of some time. So what do you have to do manually manually? This will also save a lot of your battery.

4. Use WiFi instead of mobile data whenever possible.

Mobile data consumes more power than WiFi, so whenever you have access to WiFi, use use only to avoid using mobile data.

5. Don't use Live Wallpapers

Considering that you do not have a high mAh rating phone, you should avoid using live wallpapers at any cost. They look great without any doubt, but they eat your batteries, and you'll often have to split the socket along with a charger.

6. Reduce the number of widgets.

Widgets are meant to show changes in live and real time, so they work in the background. You should not use too many widgets because it reduces battery backup. So just like a rule of thumb, remove such widgets, which do not need them.

7. Manual close the background apps at regular intervals.

Almost all of us have a habit that lets applications run in the background. Without doubt, humans are naturally lazy animals, but if you want to save battery, it will be good to shut down your background applications at regular intervals.

8. Set the Screen Time Out

Screen Time Out is the value, after which the display of your phone automatically closes when you do not use it. Then set this value to the minimum.

9. Haptic feedback, not so cool

It's great that you receive feedback, as soon as you type, but small vibrations that give you an indication that you are doing something with the phone, actually consume too much power. So if you believe me, you can save the battery, off the haptic feedback.

10. Use Power Saving Mode

When power saving mode will be on, will use your resources optimum and your smartphone battery will help in decreasing that consumption. So this is what you have to do, turn on the power saving mode of your phone, and you will be able to save a lot of battery backup for your Android phone.

11. Use the Flight mode when the airways are in transit.

Listen to your air hostess, not because it is overwhelmingly gorgeous, but because when you use the flight mode in the air, save your battery power. Actually, what happens when you are flying, there is no network there, and you keep finding your phone by default networks, so that many phones of your phone go away. Then use the flight mode with a smile on your face and not switch off your phone.

12. Restrict Background data

Some applications have settings to send their server by default data in the background mode. Yes, your guess is correct, so the battery is consume more. So what you can do is enable "Restrict background data", by going to Settings> Data Usage.

13. Audit before installing apps.

There are some apps that are eating your battery, if you do not use it often, then there is only one suggestion for this, to avoid it. If you have some apps that you do not use and are lying in some corner, do not show any kindness, uninstall them.

So there was a collection of tips to save your battery life. If you liked this userful, please share it, and if you have any queries, then please share it with our facebook page.

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