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As we all know, YouTube is the most popular video publishing platform used after google. If you talk about monthly searches, 100 billion searches per month and thousands of videos are uploaded every minute. That's why, like blog, search engine optimization is very important for those who are Youtuber or those who want to get quality backlinks from YouTube to boost the blog post.

how to optimize youtube video

Uploading videos on YouTube is very simple, but understanding of YouTube video optimization for some new uploaders creates a little confusion. That's why it is going to try to convince you in a very simple way through YouTube video optimization tips, keeping New YouTuber in mind. so that everyone is well understood.

Youtube video optimization best practices:

Mostly, I have seen that the new youtube user is able to upload good videos and they don't do the search engine optimization (SEO) of those videos due to which they can not get good views on any video. I mean, they get minimum views on their's video. The biggest reason for this is that they do not follow proper YouTube optimization guide.

So in this post, related to youtube seo tips I have included the answers to some questions that most of users search on Google -

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You will find the answers to the questions given above in this post.

How To Optimize YouTube Videos For SEO

So let's start and know how you can bring your youtube video to the top in search -

Video Keyword Research

Searching for a keyword before uploading a video is the first and foremost task, because without it you can not reach your video to more people. So we are going to tell you about finding a keyword for youtube video.

Suppose your video is about YouTube, then you can search the keyword to search the Youtube Keyword Suggestion Tool and search by typing "How to Optimize YouTube Videos for SEO" or similar queries and then you'll see some keyword suggestion and their cpc and Search volume information will be received. Use the high search volume in your video title and use the good search volume (approx 2 or 3) related keywords as well as your main keyword, and write it down on Notepad. Let's move forward and know about Youtube video optimization process.

1. Rename Video File:

Some new users make a big mistake on uploading youtube videos that they do not rename or change their video file. While doing this is very important because this is where your video search engine optimization starts. Therefore, rename your video file and add the main keyword to it. Let's try to tell it by an example.

Suppose "100000.mp4" is a video file that you want to upload to YouTube. So before uploading we will rename it and if my main keyword is "Video Optimization Tips" then my renamed video file will be named "video-optimzation-tips.mp4".

2. Youtube Video Title:

If you have rename your video file and uploaded it to youtube, then now you need to make your video title as search engine friendly. So keep your video title in such a way that your main keyword should be in the beginning.

If due to any reason the main keyword does not add in the beginning, you can use it in the middle of the title. It is very important to use the main keyword in the video title, without it youtube video optimization is not complete.

3. Youtube Video Description:

This is a very important part of youtube video optimization. Therefore, it should not be neglected at all. There are some important things to keep in mind that we are saying by one by one -

Video description length - By the way, many youtuber who are new amd lazy to write a good description or write short description, due to which you do not get good views on youtube video.

If you want to get good views on your video then it would be very important to write descriptions in minimum 300 words.

Insert targeted keyword & related keywords in video description -  When writing a description of any video, we should add 50-100 words to our main keyword. And also adding the main keyword to the last of the description is best for youtube video optimization.

Similarly, in the description of 300 words, about 2 or 3 related keywords should also be inserted. But focusing is to add main keyword and related keywords only in the natural way, using sentences as well. If you do not use your keywords in a natural way, you will have a negative impact on your YouTube video optimization.

Insert queries in video description -  Inserting search queries along with keywords in the video description is very important. There are some video titles that are not able to find search queries, then you can add keywords to your video description to optimized your youtube video.

And if you find video related queries easily, you should also insert queries with keywords. But always keep in mind that keyword stuffing is not to be used while using keywords or queries, otherwise there may also be a negative impact due to keyword spamming on your youtube video SEO.

4. Youtube Video Tages:

When we write description then we get another option tag in which we can insert our main keyword once and about 5-10 related keywords. But here too we have to keep in mind that except for the main keyword, we have to insert related keywords and queries, which have not been added to the description or the other in advance.

One more thing is to make clear to you that as far as possible only high search volume keywords should be used in youtube video optimization. If good search volume keywords are not available for any video then you can also use low search keywords. The more good keywords you use, the more you come into video search and get good views.

5. Youtube Video Thumbnail:

This is the last step of YouTube video optimization. Once we have completed the above mentioned stage, then we have to set up a thumbnail image of our video which is unique and attractive as well as something about the video. The more thumbnail images you use, the more video views you get.

But always keep in mind, thumbnail always set related to video, it should not be that the video is on a topic and thumbnail for some other topic use in the image. This will have a bad effect on your viewers.

Final Words From Author:

After this you will publish your youtube video and also share it on social media.

This way you can get high views on your video by youtube video optimization for your channel. If you have any confusion related to youtube video optimization, then you can tell us through our Facebook page, and if you think that this post may help other youtubers or bloggers, then do not forget to share it on social media. Thank you!

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