Top 5 Best Managed Cloud Hosting of 2021 [Expert Pick]

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Last updated on September 3rd, 2021

Over the past few years, cloud hosting drastically changed the hosting industry. Compared to cloud hosting, Managed Cloud Hosting solutions are the next revolution over Cloud Hosting.

It brings not only the benefits of the cloud hosting solutions but also the expertise of engineers and systems. The whole IT experts efficiently handle your entire IT operations.

Finding the right cloud hosting provider is a big challenge. DON’T WORRY,

In this article, I will take you through the best managed Cloud hosting providers. That is not only ideal for your website or business but is also a light in your pocket. Let’s Drive-in!

What is Managed Cloud Hosting?

What is cloud hosting? Well, cloud hosting is hosting services where your site host on a virtual server.

So, what is managed cloud hosting? A managed cloud hosting is a type of cloud service where you get the services that are managed by its experts.

Managed Cloud Hosting also people called the next revolution in cloud technologies. The primary difference between managed cloud hosting and Cloud Hosting is the resources and support.

Everything is available to you through a Managed Services Provider. At this infrastructure, you will get proper guidance, 24/7 communication, DNS management.

This also includes the database, operation, and even developer support as well as training.

Why Managed Cloud Hosting Is Essential For Business?

There are many reasons behinds picking managed cloud hosting for business:


  • Your business is mostly dependent upon the functionality of your online presence.
  • We have incorporated the proficient Cloud Computing method into your business.
  • You want up to bottoms Cloud resources like servers and applications that need constant management.

These are tons of the reasons that you can choose Managed Cloud Hosting services for your business. A Managed Cloud service also removes all the loose at the ends in your business infrastructure.

As your business is handled by some high-end professional techies. Your data security and safety are given high importance from a skilled hand.

Apart from this, if you need invulnerable functionality for your online presence without knowledge, alright it gets it for you.

The trained experts from managed Cloud providers will ensure on-time backups and 100% uptime.

What are the benefits of Managed Cloud Hosting?

What are the advantages of cloud-managed hosting service providers? Would the managed services improve your cloud experience?

Here are some of the great advantages of working with a Cloud Managed service provider.

1. Scalability

Well, managed cloud providers give you the ultimate scalability when you grow. Managed cloud hosting gives you the ultimate ability to scale your resources whenever you need to.

You can anytime increase your RAM size, Storage, and Bandwidth when you are getting more traffic. However, the server scaling prices come in handy when you need the resources to increase regularly.

2. Better Security than Shared Hosting

Moving to the managed cloud does automatically makes your data secure. No Doubt that managed cloud hosting is more secure than shared hosting.

When you Managed cloud hosting, the system will know exactly, where servers are located.

What sort of security is your data required to meet compliance regulations? and How to deploy the cloud hosting efficiently?

This is the way you can handle your data properly by using multiple virtual servers. In this case, shared hosting has multiple applications that are hosted including yours. if any applications have a vulnerability it also affects your sites too.

3. Optimized for Performance

WordPress Managed cloud hosting is specially optimized for WordPress (CMS). They provide smart caching tools that’s boost your site performance.

On top of that managed cloud servers that are spread throughout the world make your application performance at the greatest speed.

4. Disaster Recovery

We all know that every business faces the risk of malware or hacking attack. Unfortunately, those attacks continue to be more advanced as technology sophisticated.

Don’t worry, managed cloud here to handle the stuff. It is a much more cost-effective and efficient way to save your data. And the IT experts are always here to recovery from any disaster.

5. Cost Savings

Many startups or small businesses are looking for the best and cost-effective cloud hosting. Because cloud hosting has tons of benefits of cloud hosting for startups or small businesses

Compared to VPS or dedicated hosting cloud hosting is more cost-effective. The maintenance cost of your own server is only paid that you use.

Cloud services are a predictable fixed monthly cost with no unexpected costs for server repairs. Which makes business planning much easier.

Top 5 Best Managed Cloud Hosting Services

There are many cloud hosting providers available for WordPress. They all provide different features, prices, and support. So it’s quite hard to choose the Best Managed Cloud Hosting Providers.

So we made a list of 5 best managed cloud hosting, which are less expensive and provide all features as well.

1. HostGator [Best for Beginner]

Best Managed Cloud Hosting 2021

HostGator is one of the best cloud hosting providers at an affordable price. They provide four times extra resources than their shared hosting package.

So the advantage is you wouldn’t face any resource limit issues when you having high traffic. Even if you can track and divide the resources easily from your smart hosting dashboard.

When you have done host your site on their virtual server, if a hardware issue arises, your site is automatically moved to another server. That’s why your server stays 100% online and active.

Besides, their optimal superb caching configuration makes your site faster.

One of the best features I personally love about their dashboard. You can easily, track your visitors, page download speed, and uptime all in one with the dashboard.

Basically, they have three plans called Hatchling Cloud, Baby Cloud, and Business Cloud. Their basics plans start at $4.95/month which is cheap amongst managed cloud hosting.

They also offer 1 CPU core, 2 GB memory, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Data Transfer, and you can host your one domain. Each plan includes local caching, powerful SSD drives, cPanel, Data Monitoring tools, etc.

The trio plans are suitable for every blogger, but I do recommend their Baby Cloud plans. In these plans, you’ll have to pay $6.57/m for hosting unlimited domains with 4 CPU cores, 4 GB RAM, and other features.

2. Cloudways [Best for Startups]

Best Managed Cloud Hosting 2021

Cloudways is regarded as one of the Best Managed Cloud hosting service providers. When you want affordability is the biggest factor here, it makes sense to start with them.

Basically, the cost of managed cloud hosting depends on 2 factors; Infrastructure and RAM. They offer you the flexibility and freedom to choose between the 5 best Cloud hosting for your startups.

(NOTE: Cloudways pricing is Pay-as-you-go, meaning you only charged when your server is active). The following pricing will be charged on the assumption that your server is active for 30 days.)

1. DigitalOcean – start at $10/month
2. Vultr – start at $11/month
3. Linode – start at $12/month
4. AWS – start $36.51/month
5. Google Cloud – start at $33.30/month

The best cheap managed cloud server on Cloudways will cost you just $10/ per month. Also, you are not only able to choose your desired infrastructure but also your preferred RAM size.

This is an amazing feature because you can get a powerful server based on your application or business requirements.

Cloudways customers also have great control over their billing and make it affordable to use even larger servers.

In a nutshell, Cloudways offers the most user-friendly managed cloud hosting solution. It is superb fast, scalable, and easily manageable.

They offer the best flexibility and freedom to their users when choosing their servers.

3. Liquid Web [Best for Business]

Best Managed Cloud Hosting 2021

Liquid Web is one of the Best Managed cloud hostings which has the best performance record. At the same time, it is flexible, scalable and you can select the plan that suits your needs.

Basically, Their price starting at $51/m and offers 1 TB monthly bandwidth, 50 GB SSD Storage, flexible dashboard with Cloudflare CDN. From the dashboard, you can add new or create your website in just a few seconds.

According to the latest test results, Cloud Spectator (cloud analytics firm) confirms that Liquid Web is way faster than (AWS), Digital Ocean, and Rackspace.

It has turn the eyes of every managed cloud hosting user by giving 100% uptime and 292 ms least response time.

If you think that this is the end of Liquid Web’s awesomeness then you are quite wrong. They provide highly managed cloud hosting that is suitable for all kinds of websites and brands.

Even if, high-traffic sites frequently get traffic spikes that cause downtime, but they can easily manage heavy traffic. That means, whether your site gets 10 hits or 10 million hits, their web server continues to serve your traffic with no downtime.

In a nutshell, Liquid Web is one of the best cloud hosting providers for startups to big businesses.

This is the only reason I mention it because of its low pricing. Yes, it may seem to be a bit expensive for you but to be honest; in return, you will be getting the fastest cloud hosting experience.

4. Kinsta

Best Managed Cloud Hosting 2021

Kinsta is one of the most famous Managed hosting providers, especially for WordPress. They provide premium quality WordPress hosting and managed cloud hosting for WordPress.

Why they are best in cloud hosting? Because they directly working on the Google Cloud that makes all your WordPress projects work smoothly and reliably.

They have 20 data centers around the world and support all modern web standards. Kinsta is also known for its highly secure hosting environment that is powered by Linux Containers on top of Google Cloud servers.

This is the best cloud solution not only for individuals but also for companies of any size. Their plans start at $30 with 10GB RAM and the capture ability of around 20,000 Visitors with 99.99% uptime.

Basically, they specialize in providing only one service that is WordPress. They provide automated WordPress updates and expert support, which makes Kinsta stand out from the crowd.

You can also get in touch with their 24/7 support team to resolve all server or application related issues.

In a nutshell, Kinsta is one of the best hosting providers for WordPress. They provide top-class cloud services.

Even after all these high-quality protocols if your site is hacked. Don’t worry, Kinsta promises to fully recover it without charging a single penny.

5. WP Engine [Best for All Users]

Best Managed Cloud Hosting 2021

WP Engine is perfect for those who want the best quality cloud web hosting at an affordable cost. It can easily handle any website solution, big or small.

WP Engine is arguably the most popular Managed WordPress hosting and cloud hosting provider around. It is also built on top of Google Linux Containers infrastructure, though, so it’s not as affordable as others.

As the name suggests, WP Engine is solely a WordPress hosting solution. And their support team consists of WordPress developers and experts.

Those experts are familiar with all the issues that you might face while your site is hosted on WP Engine.

They have the quality support quality teams, any issues you can deal with them via chats, real-time queries, and support tickets (much better).

WP Engine’s pricing plan starts at $25/month, 10GB Storage, 50GB Bandwidth, and the capacity of 25,000 visitors.

Furthermore, they don’t offer the flexibility and freedom to choose your preferred RAM as Cloudways does.

The big factor is WP Engine enables the StudioPress premium WordPress themes. This gave the users full access to the StudioPress theme library that cost each theme around $100.

This is an amazing value for money. By using our link you get three months of free trials free of cost that is great isn’t it!

What is best managed cloud hosting for you?

Basically, Managed Cloud Hosting is ideal for anyone who isn’t an expert in web development. After testing a couple of cloud providers, I have found above the top five managed cloud hosting that I recommend going for it.

You won’t go wrong with any of them. This is not recommended by Hostingraft but it is also trusted by millions of site owners.

So, if you have any blog or business but you are not a tech guy, then managed cloud hosting is best for you. They give you ultimate resources and expert support for any issues.

If still confusing which one is ideal then go with Liquid Web that fulfills all the needs of your site. Research has shown that liquid Web is way faster than AWS and Digital Ocean.

FAQ’S: Managed Cloud Hosting


In this article, I walk you through five of the most affordable managed cloud hosting for WordPress. The solution is available with all their features so that you can able to decide on your desired managed cloud hosting.

In Brief Overview:

Cloudways, starting at just $10/month, gives you the freedom and flexibility that you need to launch your server and your application.

WPEngine is a powerful managed cloud hosting platform starting from$25/month. It comes with lots of optimization options and great features from small businesses to big businesses.

HostGator offers a secure and fast hosting environment with the basic plan costing $4.45/month. It’s powered by Google cloud and ensures that your server is regularly checked for uptime and vulnerabilities.

So here you have it all. For now consider your needs first, then above the premium cloud hosting list. You have all the necessary and vital information to make an informed decision on the right managed Cloud hosting provider for you.

Hope you get this article to help you to find the best managed cloud hosting provider. Do you have any suggestions or any alternatives, please let me know by leaving a comment.

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