BlueHost Shared Hosting Review 2021 (Is it Value for Money)

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Last updated on April 11th, 2021

BlueHost shared hosting is the most popular and affordable web hosting service. It is an excellent choice for bloggers and business owners. In other words, the BlueHost shared hosting plan is best for low-traffic sites or small websites.

In this guide, I will show the entire process of selecting the best plan for you. Let’s jump into a quick discussion about shared web hosting plans offered by Bluehost.

And The true advantage of choosing Bluehost is the best value for your money, provides at reasonable prices. It especially for those who are looking for cheap and good web hosting services.

Which Bluehost Shared Hosting Plan Is Right For You?

BlueHost offers the most affordable shared hosting plan. If you are wondering which Bluehost hosting plan is best for you then continue reading. Furthermore, I will give away some exclusive information about Bluehost Shared hosting.

I truly believe that it will benefit you in Starting your first WordPress blog.

BlueHost Shared Hosting review

Bluehost recently added 4 different shared hosting plans which give you more options to pick according to your needs. They offer Basic; Plus and Choice plus and Pro shared hosting packages.

Choice Plus is the most popular one because it’s completely valued for money. But, I suggest you should pick the Bluehost plan according to your need.

Here are my quick suggestions for you to pick the right plan.

  • For one website: Pick Basic Package
  • Running more than one site: Choice Plus package
  • If you want SSL and dedicated I.P: Pick Pro package

If you are selecting the right package here, make sure you think about your future plans as well. As you land with basics plans and want to upgrade to the Choice Plus package in the future. later on, it ends up paying more than you should.

A Definite Guide to Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans

Before I share the difference between Bluehost Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and pro Plans……. Have a quick look at the below image. The below screenshot will give an overview of all 4 plans. And then I will explain every BlueHost Shared Hosting package in detail.

A Definite Guide to Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans

1. Basic Package (Best for Beginner)

BlueHost Basics plans are perfect for those who want to lunch his/her first website. With the Basic plan, you get a free domain and SSL certificate something that you don’t have to additionally buy.

You also get 50 GB of storage and honestly, that’s more than enough for a single website. The Basic plan price starts at $3.95 per month and you would end up paying a post-renewal fee between $7.99 and $8.99 per month.

After using this plan I find this plan to be perfect for new blogs or small businesses. Obviously I do not recommend it for larger businesses websites. That’s just because you can host one website with this plan and it restricted up to 50 GB storage.

Also, The bandwidth limitations are not able to receive more than 5000 daily visitors. So if you want to start a news blog or something similar, then this plan isn’t the right shared hosting for you.

Who should take the Bluehost Basic Shared hosting package?

  • This plan is the best choice for newbies, who are just starting off.
  • less traffic website or Profile website who don’t need much bandwidth
  • Someone who needs low-cost web hosting but less concerned about anything else.

Who should Not take the Bluehost Basic Shared hosting package?

  • Established websites with tons of traffic.
  • Those focussed on SEO, speed, performance.
  • Someone who needs high-quality service
  • Good user experience isn’t possible with a basics plan
  • Someone who has many websites
  • Someone who needs high bandwidth and more disk space.

In a nutshell, BlueHost basics shared hosting plan is an ideal choice for newbies, who are new to the hosting world. When you grow, you can upgrade anytime. Furthermore, if you want more flexibility, you have to skip this plan and look into the next ones.

2. BlueHost Plus Package

The BlueHost ‘Plus’ Shared hosting plans can be ideal for you. The “Plus” plan is ideal for those who are looking for economic web hosting to host more than one website. It will cost you at least 4.95$ per month and the renewal price $10.99. And for that, you are getting an unlimited domain, unmetered storage, and bandwidth. Although the Plus and the Choice Plus look similar and the choice plus prices start at $6.95 per month.

In my opinion, this plan is most ideal for growing websites, that plan to invest in SEO to build up traffic. W hile keeping their web hosting costs low, in the long run. And, the best part is that you can host many websites on this package.

Who should take the Bluehost Plus Shared hosting package?

  • Small Businesses or blog with ore or more websites
  • Portfolio websites, that contain media-rich content
  • Start-up affiliate marketing blog

Who should Not take the Bluehost Plus Shared hosting package?

  • Information Portals, since the page load time is crucial
  • A website with more than 3 websites isn’t a good idea
  • Can’t handle the traffic over 50,000
  • Websites focused on e-commerce and online sales

In a nutshell, As I told you earlier, this plan best for you if you want to run many websites. But, I would not recommend you getting this plan. Because the price of this plan is quite like the Choice plus plan with has some extra features. So, let’s see what the next one offers.

3. BlueHost Choice Plus Package

If you want to buy the Choice plus plan, Well done, go for it. If you‘d ask me what is my opinion on choosing the best plan within BlueHost shared hosting then I would vote for the ‘Choice plus’ plan. Why? Because it costs quite the same 6.95$ each month as the earlier mentioned plan.

Although you initially have to pay $6.95 per month the renewal costs $14.99. doesn’t. Bluehost officially recommends the choice plus plan to its customers. The Choice Plus plan allows you to have unlimited websites, unmetered bandwidth, and storage space.

Along with all these, you will be getting an extra domain privacy tool for one of your domains. You will also get CodeGuard Basic. With CodeGuard basic, you can take a scheduled backup of your site automatically. These free features are coming at handy anytime with the ‘Choice Plus’ package.

Who should take the Bluehost Choice Plus Shared hosting package?

  • Businesses or blogs with adequate liquidity
  • Professional having more than one website
  • Businesses or professional who want an advanced back-up system

Who should Not take the Bluehost Choice Plus Shared hosting package?

  • Growing Websites, with a limited budget
  • Those who wish to host just one website
  • Websites with traffic less than 10,000 visitors per day.

In a nutshell, This plan is an ideal choice not only for beginners but also good for professionals. Personally, I’ve hosted over three websites with the choice plus plan, it’s amazing. I never get any issues with them.

4. BlueHost Pro Package

BlueHost Pro Shared hosting plan is the best of the best-shared host, Go grab the Pro Plan. If you have enough budget and want the best hosting solution in terms of shared hosting then the ‘Go Pro’ is the best plan you can get.

You will have to spend at least 13.95$/month on this package. But the renewal charge almost doubles when you renew your web hosting and is then priced between $23.99 and $25.99.

This package is that you will be getting a high-performance server with your account. For shared hosting users, a good server can be very beneficial. But, there’s more.

With the Choice Plus package, you will get all the features and services at the same time. Besides all these, you will also get ‘Dedicated IP’ for your websites for free.

Who should take the Bluehost Pro Shared hosting package?

  • Established websites with a decent amount of traffic.
  • Websites with 50,000 visitors or more
  • E-commerce websites in their early stages
  • Information Portals in their early stages
  • Media-rich websites

Who should Not take the Bluehost Pro Shared hosting package?

  • Websites with very little traffic
  • Established e-commerce websites
  • Established information portals Website
  • Businesses that don’t really need the advanced features

In a nutshell, For high traffic websites, I strongly recommend the Pro plan. which offers a host of services to take your website to the next level. The Pro Package is the best you can get in the shared web hosting segment.

Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans compared With Other Hosting Providers

In today’s growth of the internet, most businesses have an online presence. So, choosing a web host, pricing turns out to be the deciding factor. So let’s quickly compare Bluehost’s shared hosting pricing with some of its close competitors. The competitors like HostGator, GoDaddy, HostPapa, iPage, and InMotion all draw a quick comparison of the value.

Since the technologies used by BlueHost, Hostgator, and iPage are quite similar. But I do recommend HostGator as the Bluehost alternatives for start-ups seeking budget-friendly web hosting. Nothing can get cheaper than Hostgator’s shared hosting plans. The annual costs that you pay are comparatively lesser in HostGator than BlueHost.

FAQ’s: BlueHost Shared Hosting Plan

BlueHost shared hosting is a great option for beginners. If you just want to run your first blog, well go for it without concern. Bluehost shared hosting for those who don’t need a lot of server resources. At the very beginning, a website doesn’t receive much traffic. Literally, this package is best for new websites as it is highly affordable.
Well, it depends on you which plan you choose. Basically, The Basic plan is limited to one website, but the other three plans support unlimited sites. Don’t shock here; it’s most common for shared hosting companies to allow just one site on their cheapest plan. But exceptions like InterServer which lets you host unlimited websites on their basic plans.
Yes, it is easy to install WordPress at BlueHost. All shared hosting comes with WordPress pre-installed. Bluehost has developed its own proprietary plugin, which they appropriately named Bluehost. This plugin is able to default integrate your WP installation. The cPanel provides you the easier access to statistics directly from the dashboard.
It depends on you. While all the shared hosting plans have unmetered bandwidth. But you will be asked to upgrade your account if you continually exceed a certain amount of data usage. If your website received hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors, then shared hosting unable to handle it. In this case, I think you should go with a VPS or Dedicated server plan that will scale as you grow.
Again the answer is Yes. Each plan has Cloudflare preinstalled into it. With Cloudflare, you will able to easily work through your content marketing strategy. It has the ability to take a look at analytics that will enable you to continually improve your efforts. This third-party service also includes the security for your website. It also gives you the ability to more apps with a single click.
Yes. One of the major reasons for choosing Bluehost’s shared hosting that you can control everything to different parts of your account. You have the ability to create unique passwords for everything from cPanel. Also, you can access the billing server and ownership information. This is the main feature if you plan on enabling access to employees.
While the Choice Plus and Pro plans are very similar in terms of the technical features that come with them. The major difference between the two is the extras that are available with the Pro plans. Pro plan users will get a dedicated IP address, SSL certificate, increased domain privacy. Also, the SiteBackup feature enables you easily to backup and accesses specific files. folders, etc.
Yes. BlueHost has a team of experts that provides 24/7 support to shared hosting users. They offer fast support that allows you to get works done for any issues related to your server. They can also quickly get in touch with the engineers that maintain your server. Don’t worry that any troubleshooting can be done as fast as possible.
BlueHost has actually created its own enhanced version of cPanel. It is supposed to allow users to websites, files, emails, etc. There is no more information from users on their opinions of this upgraded cPanel. But you do have the ability to test it out for yourself by going to their website.
The quick answer is No. Unfortunately, only the Pro plan includes a dedicated IP address that costs $13.95 per month. A dedicated IP is not always necessary, but it is vital if you plan on purchasing a private SSL. Then you can easily collect financial info directly through your website. Normally, anyone who intends to have an e-commerce store will want to have a dedicated IP address.

Conclusion: Bluehost Shared Hosting

I know you are looking for a great web hosting service. We all want a great quality host like fast servers, security, and reasonable price, etc. Then I highly recommended BlueHost shared hosting choice plus plan, It can be the best choice for you.

At the end of the day, BlueHost offers great value with all four of the Shared Hosting plans that they offer. While the Basic plan is generally intended for low traffic websites that simply want some type of online presence.

And the choice Plus or Pro plans are definitely recommended if you plan on having any type of significant traffic on your website.

Fortunately, no matter what plan you choose, BlueHost does make it easy to upgrade to a higher-level account when it comes time to grow your website. No other shared hosting service can provide features, reliability, and speed as BlueHost offers to its clients.

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And with the help of their easy-to-use site building application, creating and setting up your own website is very simple and cost-effective as well. Also, With the 30-day money-back guarantee that Bluehost offers, there really is no harm in giving them a try.

Hope you enjoy this article. If you find this helpful plz share it with your friends and family. If you have any questions about Bluehost shared hosting review then, share in the comment below!

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