How to Come Up With A Great Blog Name (Beginner’s Guide)

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Last updated on April 11th, 2021

Many Newbie Bloggers don’t even know how to pick a great blog name. To be honest, choosing a great blog name or Domain name is always a tedious task. And 99% of the time, you won’t get your desired blog names, because someone has already taken. Anyway, we always want a blog name that is memorable, unique, and easily brandable.

Opposites bad blog names can be confusing, hard to remember, hard to spell, which might also hurt your audience to share with others. A bad name makes it harder to build the following business, no matter how much you might personally love it.

Basically, for whom eager to start a blog but haven’t come up with a great blog name yet? Not a problem! I’ll show you how to come up with a blog name in less than 20 minutes or less.

In this guide, you’ll learn exactly how to pick a great blog name so that you can get started with your website as soon as possible. Let’s drive-in!

What Is a Blog Name?

Basically, a blog name or domain name is the address of your Website. When you build a website for blogging, you have a certain address that points to you. And a web host will point your blog live on the internet.

Basically, a web host is a service that provides the hardware and software necessary to display your blog on the internet. The Blog you have hosted will store all the files that make up your web site.

In a nutshell, the blog or domain name is the address which people type into their browser to get to your website, like, This makes your brand or website memorable, unique. And also a search-optimized blog name important—it will help people remember to go back to your site.

How Does a Great Blog Name Work?

Your domain name or blog name serves as the address of your website. Your readers will find your blog in a few ways:

  1. The user might have already known your domain name.
  2. They have found it in a web search.

Your domain is where all your content is visible or stored. It’s the place where all your information (web pages, photos, videos, etc.) will be located and displayed for the entire world to see.

Basically, a blog domain name will reflect your topic like TipsForMoney if that is what your focus is. This helps search engines find your blog or domain.

By choosing your own blog name and installing a blogging platform, you will end up with a clean URL. A clean URL means that you will get better search rankings on search engines like Google bing. Search engines allowing more people to find your blog.

You also have the freedom to host your site wherever you want. You won’t be stuck with just one hosting option. This can be important if your website grows and you definitely need to scale your business.

Why do A Great Blog Names Matter?

When you wish to start a blog and coming up with a good blog name can be challenging. Having a custom domain name for your website will increase your brand recognition. A good name also makes it easy for people to remember the blog or website is all about. In the online era, branding is everything.

How to Pick a Great Blog Name

You might think, it’s just a name, why take it so seriously? You know what; your blog name is your online identity. Naming your blog or domain is as important as choosing a name for a new company or Brand.

If you want your career to grow from a casual blogger to professional blogger, then you should need a name that is one of a kind, but easy to remember. The website domain name is one key factor that makes your brand recognition easy. Spending quality time on researching a memorable domain name can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

The bottom line is without having a good online reputation, you won’t make more sales from your site. Even if you are not selling anything, it’s important to build a personal brand for yourself that will be helpful for your future references.

Types of Blog Name or Domain Name

Blog names or domain names play a huge role in how successful they become. It’s the blog name that people see first, and it sets the tone for what people think and feels about your blog as a whole.

Basically, there are two recognizable types of blog or domain names:

  • 1. Brand Based Names
  • 2. Keyword Based Names

1. Brand Based Names

Who never heard of Google, Amazon, Twitter, Bing, and Apple? There are also a few of the most successful brand names online. The names are easy to remember, simple to spell, and unique.

So what is the Brand based name? Brand based names are usually created from coined words that could be short and easy to spell which is created by an event or a person.

Sometimes it can also be a new way to find a name to pick a random word. The name doesn’t mean you need to be relevant or have meaning. Things to consider it sound nice and catchy, it has the potential to grow and develop into a brand.

2. Keyword Based Names

Keywords are words or phrases that users type in a search engine bar when they are seeking any specific information. For example, you intend to search for a “good camera for travel” when you are looking for a new travel camera. “Travel camera” is the keyword. Most people use this successful SEO strategy to build a niche blog or website.

Basically, keyword-based names are created based on words related to the content that a user is putting out.

If you’re starting a blog about reviewing the camera, for example, you might name it CameraReviews4u(.com,.co,.net). If the domain name isn’t available, you can use prefixes and suffixes to come up with variations.

Some users these days prefer a keyword-based name is because they can get an early start in search engines. Anyone can easily find your blog if it has a name or domain that matches entirely or partially with top keywords.

In Short, whichever type of blog name you choose make sure that it is memorable, short, and simple. You might not want people to avoid your blog because it has a complicated domain name to spell or pronounce.

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4 Questions to Ask Before You Pick a Great Blog Name

Before we jump into how to pick a great blog name, here are a few questions you should ask yourself.

How to Pick a Great Blog Name

1. What is Your Blog Topics?

Before you start a blog and buy a domain name, you have to decide what topic or niche your blog is going to be about.

For example, say you come up with a tech blog name but decide to blog about cameras. That’s not going to work.

So I’d recommended you would better choose your niche or topics first, and then think of a name that fits your niche.

2. Who Is Your Target Audience?

It’s important to know your target audience when you pick a great blog name. By knowing your target audience also influences the name you choose for your blog.

Take a look at these two contrasting examples:

Compare these 2 different blogs:

  1. WPbeginner: It covers all about WordPress, tips, and tricks for those who want to start with WordPress.
  2. Hostingadvices: It covers all about web host tips and tutorials specifically for those who want a better web hosting.

Technically, both sites make it clear in their name who their target audience is.

3. What happens if you switch on another niche?

We all start a blog with the intention to focus on a specifics niche or topic. But things change, and sometimes you’ll end up switching with other niche or ideas. That’s fine, but one thing you need to consider at this point, Is your blog name is open-ended enough to shift other category or do you need to rebrand.

It’s a tough question to answer because we don’t even know what’s going to happen in the future. But if you doubt that your ideas going to change in the future then you should choose an open-ended, generic blog name.

For example, you use the blog name Canonreview4u, if you think you might want to blog about other tech gadgets too. Instead, you can choose a name with a little more flexibility, like Camerareview4u. Weird examples aren’t it, but you get the idea! If you’re smart enough you always leave yourself some room to change when it’s growing.

4. Is it easy to say or spell?

Your blog name can be an excellent way to build a brand, whether you’re promoting or selling a product or a service. Sometimes a blog name or domain name looks great on paper, but when you say it out loud, its ambiguity.

Let’s say as an example, the photo-sharing site ‘Flickr’ has spelling problems because people naturally typed ‘Flicker’. But Flickr ended up buying both domains and setting up a permanent redirect, so they didn’t lose business.

Let’s go and try typing ‘’ into the URL bar but you’ll get directed to ‘’. Keep in mind trying to be clever with words doesn’t always work out.

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How to Come Up With a Great Blog Name Ideas?

Let’s first start out with some creative advice based on what I have learned to come up with a great blog name in the past. Here are 9 magical tips to be creative and pick a great blog name for your own corner of the Internet.

 How to Pick a Great Blog Name

These tips assume that you have already found a perfect niche that you decided on your new blog. All the fact of the matter is you need to know how to pick a great blog Name?

1. Blog Vision (How long can you continue)

Don’t go with blogging if you don’t have enough patients for the long-term. Become a successful blogger you have to be patient and work without thinking about profit. From 2017 I have seen many friends of mine quit their blog within SIX months. Why, because they don’t have enough vision in the long run.

Before you get into the blogging world think first, what’s your blog going to be about? How long can you hold? How passionate are you with your blog? Who is it going to be your audience? What types of blog topics will you cover?

2. Keep it simple

When you pick a great Blog name always keep it simple, catchy, and memorable blog name. The key point of writing a blog post is to get people to read it. So it definitely makes sense when they remember your blog and what you offer so that they can come back and read your content again and again.

For example, you have a camera review blog and a visitor visit on your blog and he/she finds your content fantastic. Now, If your domain name is, there’s a 99% chance the reader will forget your blog name. A much better creative option would be

It’s short, catchy, and much more memorable. In other words, select a name that is short, and simple would be beneficial for you in the long-term.

3. Use Abbreviations

Why the hell do you use abbreviations? Just, wait for a second to think about the companies or brands you’re aware of and how many of them have an abbreviated name. I can think of at least ten to twenty off the top of my head and with a bit more thought I can think of many more.

Abbreviations are useful because they keep things short and smart, without removing your brand and identity. You can abbreviate the whole name, or mix it up by half-abbreviating. However, you can also use a word on the end its bit like wpbeginner and wpkube. Both Blogs produce content about WordPress, SEO, etc.

4. Look at Competitors’ Blog Names

Pick a great blog name near and dear to your heart gives you the clarity and confidence that you’re going to build a successful venture. Tracking your competitor makes you more confident and an idea about them.

It’s one kind of tricks you could use. Go ahead, and find your niche competitor who already dominates your niche. It gives you a lot more ideas about finding an amazing blog name. It doesn’t mean that you’re copying anyone. However, it may just be the perfect nudge to get those creative juices flowing.

5. Choose a .com Domain Name for Your Blog

There are plenty of websites selling weird domain names these days. Some of them work pretty well, but others look silly and unprofessional. I recently got on the eye a domain name quite like and yummy.eats, etc.

How to Pick a Great Blog Name

Never fall for this trap. Just imagine in 5-10 years, what do you think your blog would look like? Does your domain name suitable for your long-term vision. if the answer yes! go for it.

Your blog name should reflect you in the long run, so use .com.

There is still a bunch of different domain name extensions to choose from nowadays. However, if you want to play it safe for the long run then .com would be great. The .com domain name easy to remember, and they add trust and credibility to your blog.

That’s the only reason behind I recommend buying a “.com” domain for your first blog. But it can sometimes be hard to find a .com domain name. For this case, If you want more available to your desired name then, consider a.CO instead of a.COM. It’s quite similar to .com and since there aren’t that many .co domains registered. It is much easier to find one that is available.

6. Don’t violate copyrights or trademarks

DO NOT USE other brand names and trademarks in your domain or blog name. Look, man, if you’re really serious about your blog and you want to monetize it in the future, then you stay out of using the trademarked name.

I mean, why are you getting the risk of losing everything? If you use trademarks, most probably, the company will sue you and force you to pay court fees and damages to the trademark owner.

It doesn’t make sense to me, to be honest. If you want to write about Mac well go ahead, but don’t limit yourself like the MacExperts domain name. When you can have something like a laptop expert or Computer Experts? So before you click the buy button be conscious about the trademarks.

7. Use your own Words but Make it Short

I know you reading this blog it means you decide on making your own blog. Choose or list a bunch of words that make sense and easy to spell or remember.

Can you guess any brand which has no meaning at all? Let’s say Google, Yahoo, Skype, there are many of them you could found easily. They become an ass-kicking brand and we can’t live without them.

It’s short and sounds good and you turn into a brand. So make your own word which hasn’t existed yet. Let’s see more examples? How about:

  • Alibaba
  • Uber
  • Lego
  • Canon
  • Sony
  • Pepsi
  • Nike

The list is almost endless and picks your own domain name within 7 characters. Grab something that looks authentic and powerful, captures impression on my readers.

8. Check social platforms

Before you buy a great domain name for your blog, make sure it is available on the major social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, etc. Check Here!

For example, the Twitter username must be 15 characters. The 15 characters longer aren’t acceptable, so keep that in mind. Learn about the policy of Twitter.

Another example, your domain name is but end up being @rockbottom on Instagram but @Therockbottom on Twitter. Keep in mind, the same username would great for branding, like @fdshakil available on social media platforms.

Because this one step will save you a ton of headache in the future when your business grows and become a brand.

9. Use Your Own Name

Lastly, if you freak out above all the methods then pick your name. You could always default to your own name to start your first blog. There are many bloggers who have become very successful with self-named blogs.

A much better choice would be something like Neil Patel or Adam Enfroy Pay special attention when choosing a domain name because you get to attribute your own name on the web, and people will also be able to recognize you. So go ahead build your name as a brand.

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Why the Hell Your Domain Name Doesn’t Matter That Much?

Sure, a great blog name helps readers to go back to your blog.

“But first: How successful you will be it completely depends on your content, not just a blog name.

Yeah, you read that right, listen… A blog with a GREAT DOMAIN NAME can have low content, doesn’t make YOU successful. However, a blog with a weird domain name can have GREAT content MAKE YOU super successful.

As a new blogger, you might think that your blog or Domain name is the most important part of your website. I know the hassle exactly what you face today. I have spent hours trying to come up with something catchy and cool name on my first couple of websites.

But here’s the secret, years of experience shown the real fact is your content that matters much. Keep in mind Content is the king. Your content defines what exactly your blog about not your domain name.

There are lots of successful bloggers earning more than $10,000 in a single month with a random blog name. Just an example,, and, both earning five figures per month. It because of their Content not for their domain name.

BUT, I can understand why you feel like choosing a great domain name is important. YES, Because, you want a name that won’t make you feel embarrassed when someone in real life asks for it.

We’ve encountered both, so MAKE AN AWESOME CONTENT with GREAT BLOG NAME.

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FAQ’S: Great Blog Name

Yes, you can change the blog name on WordPress, it’s super simple. Follow these steps blog title> Go to settings -> Click General -> Site Title <
A good blog or domain name should be something you and your readers love and easy to remember.
Make sure it’s not too long. My advice would be to keep it within 4 -12 characters. But you can also make it broad but it looks messy.
Use something that easier to spell. Don’t use an ambiguous name that’s sometimes quite impossible to pronounce or spell.
Make sure your blog name available on social networks. It makes sense to have one brand name you can use everywhere so that it’s easy for people to find you.
In general, the best blog or domain name is a .com, .net or .co domain. It might be representing you and your blog as a brand, and also appeal to your target audience.
The cost of a domain name it’s depends on the domain name registrar you choose. Basically, one domain name for your blog, it usually costs anywhere between $8 to $20 per year. Basically, Each registrar charges slightly different prices for domain names.


As you’ve made it all the way to the end of this post, then you will know exactly how to pick a great blog name. Finding a great domain name could be troublesome but there’s still hope. You can absolutely grab a good blog name with little effort and follow all the tips I mentioned above.

Take your time, be creative, do all the stuff above I mentioned, and I hope you should be alright. Once your domain name is selected, it’s time to get to work and start blogging.

If you still have trouble finding a great domain name, then contact me via Twitter. Or you can write down your niche in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you via your email.

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