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Last updated on April 3rd, 2022

Welcome to web Hosting Blueprint on Passive Blogger

Many newbie bloggers and friends often asked me, which Web Hosting I Use on My Blog (Passive Blogger)? 

Mostly newbie bloggers are confusing when they’re looking for web hosting to start a blog? 

Don’t hassle Yourself! I got your detailed answer on this page…

Are you excited? Let’s get started!

Web Hosting Blueprint:

In this detailed page, I only shared the hosting I used for the Passive Blogger. And I will share with you the real life experience, what I use in the past and what I’m currently using. 

(Hosting history on Passive Blogger)

Bluehost (1st web host)

I started Passive Blogger (previously named Mystartupblog) on October 15th, 2020 with Bluehost (basic plan). I build this blog just for helping people. 

At that time I didn’t have full focus on this blog because I have other blogs (amazon affiliate) on which I was focus most. 

Anyway, Why I Choose Bluehost?

I choose Bluehost because of its flexibility and user friendliness. As I just want to host my site, and Bluehost has everything I was looking for. 

Why I Change Bluehost?

As I started Passive Blogger on Bluehost Basic plan,(single website) because I had no plan to grow. 

But when I spend more time with my blog I get more passionate about it. And I wanted to make this blog to the next level. But I want to change my brand name because the name I picked (MyStartupBlog) I didn’t like at all.

So I replace the domain name with the new name, then I found  Passive Blogger (.com). 

As I hosted my blog (MyStartupBlog) on Bluehost (basic plan) which has allowed me to host a single website. 

Due to change the name I need to upgrade the hosting plan. At that time my budget was a bit low, so I decided to migrate my site (cheap option) somewhere. 

Note: If you plan to start a WordPress blog with Bluehost avoids buying Bluehost Basic plan

That’s the only reason I Change Bluehost. But almost 6 months with Bluehost was an amazing and hassle free experience. 

ScalaHosting (2nd web host)

Hosting Blueprint:

This is the second web hosting service, which I use for Passive Blogger (dot com) after Bluehost. I start using Scalahosting (shared hosting) on May 6th, 2021.

Anyway, Why I Choose Scalahosting?

A friend of mine who recommended me to try Scalahosting, also found some good reviews on Trustpilot and low pricing. 

Eventually, they raise their plan pricing model in June. 

Why I Change ScalaHosting?

There are two main reasons I have changed Scalahosting

  1. CPU Limit
  2. Page Speed 
1st Reason CPU Limit:
Hosting Blueprint:

The very first reason was the tremendous growth of my blog. Within 3 months my website traffics grow by 500 (users/m) to 3.3k traffic. 

Hosting Blueprint:

Then I got a CPU limit warning from Scalahosting on July 30, 2021. As I was using Shared hosting, they ask me to upgrade their VPS plan. As their basic VPS plan cost me $19-$35 months, so I start looking for alternatives and choose Managed WordPress hosting. 

2nd Reason SPEED:
Hosting Blueprint:

I wasn’t satisfied with my website speed. After updating google “core web vitals”, website page speed is the major ranking factor, so I need more fast page loading about my website. (Currently hosted)

Hosting Blueprint:

Currently, I hosted my blog (Passive Blogger) on Rocket hosting. After migrating to rocket the page speed got huge improvements.

Hosting Blueprint:

You can compare the previous one and the new one. With the previous hosting, my page speed was up to 5 seconds to take load my website. After migrating it takes within 3 seconds or less. 

Anyway, Why I Choose

When I found the page speed issues and CPU limits on the previous hosting, I decided to go with managed hosting. After analyzing some of the Managed WordPress hosting on my own I found Rocket. And I’m fully satisfied with rocket hosting till Now

Which Web Hosting is Best for Beginners in 2022?

Choosing the best blog hosting services for your new blog or website can seem a bit daunting. 

There are so many different options, price ranges, and features, making it a bit overwhelming when you’re just getting started on your own blog. 

If you’re a beginner blogger Bluehost; By far the best and most reliable hosting service I have ever used (and somehow also the most affordable). Even, It’s super easy to use and set up and the customer support is GREAT as well!

Why Bluehost is Good for Beginners?

I personally chose BlueHost for my own website, I realize that Bluehost is the easiest and beginner-friendly web hosting on the market.  

The reasons I chose BlueHost are its flexibility, WordPress integration, customer support, uptime, and a few others. 

Another great thing about BlueHost is that they’re officially recommended by themselves since 2005! 

As you know WordPress is the largest blogging platform (cms) in the world, and they personally recommended Bluehost because of its user friendliness. 

For example, when you sign up with BlueHost, with one click you can integrate the WordPress dashboard to start creating your new site within minutes.

This is great for beginners as you won’t have to try and figure out how to link your new hosting services with any website building software. By far, It is all seamlessly integrated everything for you!

So if you want to start a blog with WordPress as your blogging platform, getting BlueHost as your host is an excellent option.

Don’t puzzle yourself believe me undoubtedly Bluehost is a good fit for your blogging business. 

What Host Should You Use for Blog?

I personally chose BlueHost for my own website because of its flexibility and beginner friendliness. If you’re a starter blogger it’s a good fit for you as well! 

On the other hand, if you already have a growing blog, but want something better services Rocket is the best place to go.

That’s all about hosting blueprint (Hosting history on Passive Blogger). 

Which Hosting do I recommend for Bloggers?

From the experience 

  1. Bluehost #1 recommendation for new bloggers, 
  2. Rocket #1 recommendation for growing or high traffic sites.

Thanks for reading, Happy Blogging!!

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