SEMrush Affiliate Program Review 2021: (Earn $200 Per Sale)

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Last updated on June 14th, 2021

If you are looking for the SEMrush affiliate program review in 2021, then you’re in the right place. SEMrush is one of the most popular marketing toolkits out there for digital professionals. So joining the SEMrush affiliate program is worthy, because you can earn $200 Per Sale. Sound Crazy isn’t it!

It’s a great product to promote that used by over 6 million + people worldwide for improving online visibility. As we have seen that everything goes online, So everyone needs trustworthy tools like SEMrush. However, SEMrush is used by some biggest and popular companies like eBay, HP, Quora,, PHILIPS, and many more.

So, It would be a great product to promote and earn tons of money by joining the SEMrush affiliate program. In this article, I’m not only showing you the inside of this affiliate program but also I will share some ideas on how you can promote SEMrush.

So, without further questions, let’s get started.

SEMrush Affiliate Program (ShareASale) Overview

SEMrush Affiliate Program Review

If you ask yourself whether you should promote SEMrush or not. The craziest answer might be YES because you can earn up to $200 for each sale you made and also you get rewarded up to $10 for every trial activation. No doubt, it’s a great product. You can find the SEMrush affiliate program at ShareASale, whether it was called BeRush affiliate.

BeRush was the main affiliate program of SEMrush. However, SEMrush Update its affiliate program in October 2020 and moves to ShareASale. SEMrush introduced all their affiliates that the new SEMrush affiliate program on the ShareASale.

From October 1st, 2020, the SEMrush affiliate program(BeRush) would be an invitation-only program. This means, Only, you can join BeRush if you have the special invitation code from one of their affiliate account managers.

From now, If you want to promote SEMrush then, first you will need to register at ShareASale or join their new program. The new SEMrush affiliate program at ShareASale will be a little different from the old one. If you hurry then click here to join SEMrush Affiliate Program.

Let’s see, what SEMrush offer on ShareASale:

  • Last-click Attribution Model
  • Get rewarded $10 for every trial activation
  • Earn $200 commission Per sale you make
  • 120 days of cookie life

So, keep reading and learn why and how to promote SEMrush in this comprehensive review.

What is SEMrush (in Short Overview)

SEMrush Affiliate Program Review

SEMrush is one of the best tools for SEO and the online marketing industry. It was founded in 1998, dedicated to helping peoples in terms of internet market research.

You can do keyword research, advertising research, market research, and many more. If you want to grow your website or target your audience then a tool like SEMrush is a must-have.

It’s an all-in-one solution for all marketers, SEO Consultants, and Bloggers, they use it to get insights into the data to understand the value. If you haven’t use SEMrush yet, then try SEMrush For Free.

What Is The SEMrush Target Audience?

As I have mentioned earlier that SEMrush is an all-in-one SEO tool when it comes to online marketing. So, their target audience extremely broad, you can’t even imagine

Just have a look!!!

SEMrush Affiliate Program Review

You see, Over 6 million users around the world with 20 billion keywords, Sound crazy isn’t it.

No such tools out there that have a big database like SEMrush. Even they have 140 geographical databases with over 820 million domains

This means you can choose a broad audience when promoting SEMrush.

Here are the three main audiences of SEMrush:

  • For Bloggers/affiliates marketers
  • All sizes of Businesses
  • For Marketing agencies/Freelancers

What Problems Does SEMRush Solve?

SEMrush Affiliate Program Review

Basically, they solve tons of problems but the main problem SEMrush solves to provide data for PPC/SEO campaigns. The interesting fact about SEMrush, it enables its users to track all their databases from one dashboard.

However, it offers 45+ tools for anyone doing SEO, Competitive analysis, PPC, Social media analysis to do their work from one platform.

It provides accurate data for backlinks, search volume, CPC, and many other things.

However, it also solves other problems including:

  • Content ideas
  • Position Tracking
  • Technical SEO errors
  • Optimize on-page correctly
  • Many more

Technically, the SEMrush affiliate platform would be a lucrative program while a huge audience is looking for SEO services like SEMrush.

What is the SEMrush Affiliate Program Eligibility

Anyone can join with SEMrush affiliates if they have their own blog or website. But some of the websites can’t join if they contain, pornography, gambling, coupons, or promote illegal activities.


If you have such a site or blog we mentioned then you can’t join SEMrush Affiliates. They are not allowed to join this program. You also have to be a minimum of 18 years old.

However, If you don’t have a website you can not join SEMrush either because they are now moved to ShareASale Networks. And without a website, you can’t join ShareASale.

Here is the twist, after joining with ShareASale you can promote SEMrush via E-mail, post videos, or social networks.

The advantage of this program is you can earn a very decent amount of money by promoting the product across multiple websites.

How Does SEMrush Affiliate Program Works?

Basically, the SEMrush affiliate program works in 3 simple steps.

Step 1. Join SEMrush via ShareASale

The very first step to getting started with it to join SEMrush via ShareASale. In order to join Click here, you will redirect the page and click Join now button.

SEMrush Affiliate Program Review

Follow the step, once you done they send you a confirmation email. Verified the email, within 24 hours they will let you know the results.

Step 2. Advertise and get a link

Once you get it approved, just log in to ShareASale It’s as simple as that. The next step is to promote SEMrush on your blog or any other relevant platform you have.

As soon as you log in to your Shareasale account, you will see an awesome user-friendly dashboard. It will give you exclusive access to all your needs such as links, banners.

SEMrush Affiliate Program Review

In order to get a link, just click on the link button and get links/banners. The fact is they have 11 text links and 148 banners. Further needs you can create a custom link which is also very easy as well.

Now, all you need to do is click on GET HTML CODE and select URL only, then Copy the affiliate link and use it on your blog, channel, etc.

This way you can get links from ShareASale.

Step 3. Earn Money

Finally, it’s time to get paid for every new sale that you send to the SEMrush and subscribe to their plans.

You will be getting up to 200 commission for every new user. This simply means you will be getting paid that is really HUGE. In this SEMrush Affiliate program review, you will get all the data to bring sales.

How To Promote SEMrush?

Alright, what you are going to do after joining the SEMrush Affiliates? Here you go, there are the top 6 ways you can promote SEMrush?

As I mentioned earlier that in this SEMrush affiliate program review, I will also show you the ideas on how you can promote SEMrush Services.


There are some proven ways affiliate marketers are boosting SEMrush affiliate sales. These ideas below on promoting SEMrush works even better than you thought that will certainly boost your affiliate sales. Let’s see, what is it?

1. Resource Page and Banners

This is one of the ways you can get affiliate sales. Your readers always love to see the resources or tools you are using. This is a simple, yet the most effective way to promote SEMrush is in the recommended resources page of your blog.

Another way to bring affiliates sales is to add banners on your blog sidebar. While you add a sidebar, it becomes more visibility on your target audience. However, you can add a banner to your blog post too.

For example, you write about a blog post related to the SEMrush tool, you can simply add a banner to that post. It possibly can bring more sales because the intention of the post is your target audience.

You have already noticed that on my blog sidebar have banners related to the product that I recommend. Apply this strategy that will bring sales somehow, whereas, popular marketer applies this strategy too.

2. Informational Blog Content

A blog content could be videos, blog posts, webinars, or any type of content that solve your user issues. Promoting SEMrush through informational blog posts can work pretty well too.

It works well, while you intend to educate the user on how they can get a benefit by using SEMrush.

For example, you write a post on how to do keyword research for a blog post, during the process you can recommend SEMrush, which will bring sales. Because you are solving your user problem with the product.

A problem-solving blog post that helps you build a long-term relationship with your audience. As you know the first affiliate marketing rules are all about building trust first then selling.

3. Email Marketing Or Newsletters

The digital trend of affiliate marketing success depends on your email list. The list contains only the loyal audience who are ready to buy your recommended product.

If you have a broad list of subscribers then you are way ahead of your competitors and make money faster. However, If you don’t have such an email list then start building today.

Another thing you also can do is a pop up on the blog post or below sidebar, that also work sometimes.

4. eBooks

eBooks also work great when it comes to creating awareness about any specific product or service.

As you notice SEMrush is a fully-featured product, so you can create ebooks around its features and add affiliate links.

Ebooks also prove your expertise in the topics that also build trust. Trust means more sales

5. Reviews, Tutorials & Comparisons

Everyone looking for reviews and tutorials before making final buying decisions. So write a problem-solving content around reviews, comparisons, and tutorials.

That does not only solve the problem but also people are interested to pay for the product.

The type of content includes:

  • Reviews ( SEMrush review)
  • Comparisons (SEMrush vs other tools)

Again, it’s another best way of promoting SEMrush that you can consider in order to boost your affiliate sales.

6. Advertising

As we mentioned earlier, SEMrush provides good commissions that usually you can earn up to $200 per sale. With these high commissions, it’s quite possible to promote SEMrush with paid ads.

Some of the great advertising channels to consider are:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google/YouTube Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Quora Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads

The opportunity to use paid ads with this affiliate program works great due to high commissions.

Note: You can not promote SEMrush on adults, gambling websites, that are offensive or inappropriate.

FAQs; SEMrush affiliate program review

SEMrush affiliate program was called BeRush that will be an invitation-only program. In October they launched a new affiliate program on the ShareASale network. So If you want to promote SEMrush from now on, you will need to register via ShareASale.
Yes, it’s absolutely free to sign up for everyone. Due to sign up you have to go with ShareASale, as now SEMrush moves to Shareasale. You can get started within a few minutes, Here’s the link to register for SEMrush Affiliates.
You will earn up to $200 commission for every sale of the SEMrush subscription plan. It’s including Pro, Business, Guru that comes through your referral link. Also, you get rewarded Up to $10 for every trial activation.
There are many ways you can promote SEMrush, it all depends on your niche and the topics you cover. However, the method you can apply to boost your affiliate’s sales. Product reviews and comparisons 1. Newsletters 2. Training courses 3. Video tutorials 4. Discounts offer etc 5. eBooks, checklists 6. Many more
In order to get your affiliate link, log in to ShareASale affiliate. After login just click on the link button and select get a link/banners. You can get your preferred link, banner, and also you can create a custom link.

Final Thought: SEMrush Affiliate Program Review

At the end of the SEMrush Affiliate Program Review, we can say that it is one of the best affiliate programs for content producers and bloggers.

We highly recommend promoting SEMrush through ShareASale, because it has the only options now for the newbie! However, I would rate it overall, 9.5/10 as it performs well in every aspect of an affiliate program can perform.

It’s super easy to refer people and earn commissions because it is such a great product that almost every marketer needs to grow. It’s a great product to solve issues in terms of online search visibility.

Therefore, you also feel good while you know that you solve issues your audience and make money by promoting the right product to them and it’s both win-win.

However, If you put in the effort and apply the right strategy, I’m sure you’re going to start making tons of money with the SEMrush affiliate program.

Further Read:

I hope you enjoy reading this article, and if you have any questions regarding the SEMrush affiliate, feel free to leave them in a comment below. I will get back to you within 24 hours or you can ask the question to our community group.

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