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My Recommended tools for blogging and affiliate marketing!

Bluehost is the most popular and affordable web hosting service of all time. It is an excellent choice for bloggers and business owners.

SEMrush is the Must use SEO tools if you want to grow your rankings in search engines. service of all time. It is an excellent choice for blogging and Affiliate Marketing.

Wp Rocket is one of the best premium caching plugin for the WordPress website. Using this plugin means you speed up your WordPress site like SkyRocket.

My Startup Blog


My name is Fdshakil, I’m a 22-year-old digital marketer and blogger. I’m Study in Marketing. I started PassiveBlogger because from an early age I was very passionate about Digital marketing. That’s why I got passion to help people to make money blogging and affiliate marketing. Because the lessons I’ve learned throughout my journey, it’s worth sharing with the world. 

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